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At CNS we are able to offer connectivity solutions for any business, no matter what size, what sector or what location. Coupled with our exceptional support, this means any business can benefit from fast, affordable and reliable connectivity.

Connectivity is everything

With the advances in technology over the recent past, connectivity has become the life-blood of business. Most business systems are reliant on the ability to reach the internet so a reliable, resilient connection has never been more important.

Business Broadband Solutions

We have fostered relationships with the leading carriers across the UK to ensure we can offer a full range of business grade broadband products. Our scalable, flexible solutions guarantee great speeds at affordable prices.

Microwave Solutions

In a hurry? Remote location? We offer microwave solutions capable of providing uncontended services at up to 1Gbps with delivery in under 2 weeks.

Ethernet Solutions

Need a dedicated internet connection with guaranteed speeds, up-time and fix times? Then Ethernet is for you! Our solutions range from 100Mb up to 10Gb and everything in-between. Speak to one of our experts to find out more.

Mobile Data Solutions

Need a short term data solution and get great mobile coverage? We can offer 4G and 5G mobile data solutions on contracts as short as 30 days.

Disaster Recovery

What happens if your connection goes down? We offer Disaster Recovery and auto-failover solutions with all of our data products, ask one of the team for more info today.

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